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After kicking off their live shows on the music scene in 2021, SILK SPINSTER has performed for RAF military personnel on an East Yorkshire airbase, as well as countless shows for different Motorcycle Clubs, and music festivals. More recently, the band have also performed with several national and international touring artists such as VICTORIOUS, MOTHER VULTURE, LIBERTY SLAVES and US based CONTORTION. In 2023 SILK SPINSTER performed in Bloodstock’s Metal 2 The Masses, earning themselves a spot in the finals in the competition. SILK SPINSTER’s music has been featured across several local and international radio stations, including HRH Radio.  

SILK SPINSTER’s live shows have been elevated in recent times. Whilst there has always been an air of ‘theatrical’ in their performances, in 2023/24 they have revamped themselves as post-apocalyptic freedom fighters, bringing armour, banners, weapons, flags and sigils to each of their gigs, making it an exciting time to be a “Web Warrior”. Through their music and showmanship crowds can enjoy the songs, the show, and the camaraderie that is created by the SILK SPINSTER clan.  


The SILK SPINSTER mascot is Spinnerette. A Spider demonoid from the mind of Kye Coulson. The Spinnerette would come to form the basis of the band's album and designs. 

In 2019/2020, Spinnerette was initially designed by Artist Sarah Day as an elegant and seductive creature, in what would become Silk Spinster's early artwork and Single covers. In late 2021, Spinnerette was brought to a new horrific light by Artist Kev Rokyckyj in the form of an event poster. The newer incarnation of Spinnerette closer aligns with the bands direction as a heavy melodic rock band, with nods to other notable band mascots. In late 2023 the band recruited a talented artist to come up with a design for what is to become the band's first album... 

In 2022, Spinnerette made her live gig debut for Silk Spinster on Leconfield airbase. Since then she has gone into hiding, she could pop out at anytime, at any show, to mess with fans and rock along with them. 

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