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Formed in 2019, out of the ashes of Brit-Pop group Rikoche, inspired after seeing Def Leppard that year, Kye formed a new group with the aim to make a big impression in the music scene. Silk Spinster are a Hard Rock/Metal band from Kingston Upon Hull. the band has set out to create hard hitting and energetic music inspired by that of the 1980’s.


Taking the opportunity to embrace their roots, Silk Spinster themed their band around well-known aspects of their hometown Hull. Hull has a long history of spider related namesakes and imagery such as SPIDERS NIGHTCLUB, and the SPIDERS FROM MARS to name a few. 

Silk Spinster takes inspiration from multiple musical genres such as Hard Rock, Punk, NWOBHM, Heavy Metal and more, creating a unique collection of songs each set apart from each other and gelled together through front-man, Kye Coulson’s, vocal performances. Silk Spinster has proven difficult to define as one genre, their aim is and has always been to create hard hitting, catchy and heavy anthems.

In 2020 Silk Spinster began paving their way through Hull's music scene and have become mainstays at the rock venue SPRING BANK TAVERN, they have rocked other local clubs such as O'RILEYS and have headlined at THE NEW ADELPHI CLUB. In 2022, they rocked it up at HORNSEA BIKERS EVENT and are looking to climb up the festival ladder. 

The bands first release 'ROCKSTAR' was mastered at Abbey Road Studios and debuted in late '22, with it's music video following in March '23. 'ROCKSTAR' enjoyed both international and national radio play since it's release. Silk Spinster followed up with the self titled single 'SILK SPINSTER' working with mixing engineer Kai Ulrich and mastering engineer Bjorn Schluter to bring their track to life. Shortly after release; 'SILK SPINSTER' hit the air on HRH Radio. 

In April 2023 the band participated in Metal 2 The Masses in Leeds for a chance to win a place at Bloodstock Festival. The band won their first heat and also made it past the semi-finals. The band didn't make it through to Bloodstock, but put on a stellar show, making it a close call.  


Silk Spinster's mascot is Spinnerette. A Spider demonoid from the mind of Kye Coulson. The Spinnerette would come to form the basis of Silk Spinster's album and designs. 

In 2019/2020, Spinnerette was initially designed by Artist Sarah Day as an elegant and seductive creature, in what would become Silk Spinster's early artwork and Single covers. In late 2021, Spinnerette was brought to a new horrific light by Artist Kev Rokyckyj in the form of an event poster. The newer incarnation of Spinnerette closer aligns with the bands direction as a heavy melodic rock band, with nods to other notable band mascots. 

In 2022, Spinnerette made her live gig debut for Silk Spinster on Leconfield airbase. Since then she has gone into hiding, she could pop out at anytime, at any show, to mess with fans and rock along with them. 

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