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Many things have changed since the beginning of this band. SILK SPINSTER has swung straight into 2024 with a bang!

With their run in Leeds Metal 2 The Masses Bloodstock competition, and with their appearance alongside Liberty Slaves in Dewsbury; the band has cemented their new look as heavy metal wasteland warriors.

(Left to Right) Tom "RIFF LORD" Nolan, James "THE BOY" Rokyckyj, Kye "KYRANTULA" Coulson & Will "SINZZ" Styan, after performing a show in 2024's Bloodstock's Metal 2 The Masses (Leeds)

There is more to come from SILK SPINSTER in 2024!

The Band have several shows lined up for rallies and events organised by motorcycle clubs, as well as more music to be released in the near future after their well received music and accompanying video for the track 'WHITE LINES'.

For more post apocolyptic mayhem from the web, check out the 'LIVE SHOWS' page or follow and subscribe to SILK SPINSTER's social pages!

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